Aquinas Leadership Group develops training programs designed to educate sales representatives on the use of the iPad™ and iPad™ enterprise applications. Our consultants have extensive experience launching iPad™ enterprise sales and marketing applications to groups of sales people, medical personnel, and customer service representatives.

Examples of project work include:

  • Assessing training needs for an iPad™ enterprise application launch
  • Designing pre-session work to prepare groups for successful iPad™ training and iPad™ enterprise application training meetings
  • Developing iPad™ and iPad™ enterprise application training workshops designed to guide end-users towards desired results
  • Creating measurement tools for assessing knowledge of how to use the iPad™ and iPad enterprise applications
  • Designing follow-up plans for iPad™ training and iPad™ launches to ensure that knowledge transfer occurs and is retained
  • Measuring the effectiveness of iPad™ training post-launch

To learn more, read Aquinas Leadership Group's best practices for designing training for an iPad™ enterprise application launch, which have been published in the Society for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) magazine, Focus.

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